It seems that every other month one can read a story about some kind of politically- correct injustice. I am talking about the “zero-tolerance”policies on whatever happens to be the hot-buzz topic of that particular month.  When a first grader is suspended for kissing a classmate which violates the sexual harassment policy, mistakenly leaving an Xacto knife in a backpack, breaking the dress code rule, violating the weapons policy, etc., it is simply ridiculous. The list could go on and on. Zero-tolerance is asinine, at least the polices where automatic expulsion is the punishment. I sometimes wonder if the part of the reason we think we were so happy as kids is that everything was black and white. Well, that and the fact that we had Mom and Dad taking care of us, being a taxi for us, having food magically appear on the table every night, no children or spouses to keep happy, IRS  or bills to worry about. Think about it. Everything back then was either right or wrong. Alas, we all have to grow up and become adults. Well, most of you anyway. My wife says that I have reached the level of a normal seventeen-year old and am pretty much stuck there.  One of the problems with growing up is finding out that there are those exasperating things in life called “gray areas”. Things aren’t always right or wrong. Well, I take that back. Zero-tolerance polices are wrong. They leave no room for extenuating circumstances. To have a child labeled as a bully, sex offender, weapons policy violator or whatever, is often times handicapping that child for the rest of their lives.

This isn’t just exclusive to children either. This same political correctness is often used in our work places, as well.

 Our lawmakers, educators, human resources personal and people that are in charge of policies and procedure should be extremely careful when they set those polices in place. I know it may seem extremely popular to say the words “zero-tolerance policy” for whatever the latest headlines are that have garnered national or local attention. But in this man’s eyes, I have zero tolerance for zero-tolerance polices.