Get ready for some foodie bliss preparing for our first food and culture dinner, in our hometown

So, for those of you who have been reading this blog, you might have noticed that, well, I really like food. And drinks. And just experiencing evenings that let me feel like I am anywhere in the world at that moment. Over the past few months, since creating and hosting a wine event including the "Judgement of Paris of 1976" movie "Bottleshock", and bringing in a sommelier to help us taste, evaluate, and judge the wine in collaboration with the film committee for the Goddard Center, I have wanted to create more of these kind of experiences for my fellow interested Ardmoreites.

And now I am.

For the next few days, periodic posts will share the meal preparation of our own Chef Larry Core of Jake's Joint.

Duck confit, wild baby mushrooms, Ono flown in from Hawaii, seaweed salad with miso glazed escolar, homeade butter served with Chef's garden blend of heirloom radishes and sea salt, and so much more to come.

Duck legs cured in a spice rub of salt, pepper, star anise, giner, and cinnamon...

38 hour preperation time for the simmering brodo for homemade tortellini...

The stock...a battle between the French, who favor individual stocks of pork shoulder, duck, chicken, and chuck roast...and the Italians, who are known for "throwing it in a pot and boiling the #$%^& out of it"...(Chef Larry quote folks)

Italians won I think on this one!

In tribute to San Fransisco, we are taking a trolley ride, arriving at the air park we will lounge on blankets on the lawn, while Tyler Blanco and Meredith weave our memories with a folksy tune. Tropical drinks paired with Singapore Style BBQ Duck Pancakes, Chorizo wrapped in Prosciutto, Mini flatbreads with Babaghanoush and roasted red peppers, and Duck Liver Mousseline tantalize the senses...teasing and taunting with whats to come.

For those who read this and are interested in finding out more about the food and culture group, our next event will be late summer or early fall. Tying events in seasonally is a must! Some events will happen in resturaunts, while others will be in private homes. Group of attendees will vary each time.

So join us again for food our hometown.