MANNSVILLE — In order to curb summer learning regression, all Mannsville School students received six books before they left for summer vacation.

"When they come back to school way behind and struggling with vocabulary because they haven't been using it. It's an issue, and reading helps," said teacher Nellie Garone. "I was surprised by how many don't have books at home, but now they have the books they need."

To kick off what the school has dubbed "Hot Summer Reads For Cool Rewards," an anonymous donor gave 700 books to the school.

Fifth-grade students dusted, repaired and sorted the donation, then each student, preschool through eighth-grade, selected the books they wanted.

"It was fun because we got to look at them first," said fifth-grader Shelby Beckham. "Some had to be thrown away because they had mold on them, which is sad, but we got to choose books we like, which is great."

Students also decorated bags in which to carry their books.

As they finish reading their books, students will complete a short book report, which features listing the parts of the book on a drawing of an ice cream cone.

"Reading is fun because you can learn more through words," said third-grader Cassidy Matlack.

Beckham enjoys reading mystery novels and hopes to be a detective.

"I want to go on an adventure. You can solve it, and you have different clues to help you solve it," she said.

Fourth-grader Joseph Lamb also enjoys reading mysteries.

"I like to find out how it ends," he said.

He is currently reading the adventure series "Geronimo Stilton," which tells the story of a talking mouse who writes about his adventures.

Others looked for books that would give them new worlds to imagine. Fifth-grader Trinity Lewis enjoys novels that feature animals.

"I like cats, and I can really picture the story in my mind. I like how the author put it all together," she said.

Some students appreciate reading non-fiction. Third-grader Daisy Jo Lewis enjoys reading non-fiction science books about water, health and animals.

She also reads to her younger brother and nephew.

"I can teach them how to do it, and I teach them before they get in the higher grades," Lewis said.

Sometimes students look to travel to the not-so-far. Fifth-grader Dystiny Eberhart wants to visit Paris, Texas, after reading about it.

"It sounds like an awesome place to go because it sounds like Paris, France," she said.

Fifth-grader Nash Matlack chose a book about golfers.

"My favorite golfer was on the front. Tiger Woods is just the best player in golf," he said.