People that only read news online are missing out on some good entertainment when they don’t read the comments on those stories. I read recently about 45-year-old Papa John’s Pizza delivery man Ramon Rodriguez that was arrested while using his delivery driver guise to deliver drugs. He had made 19 deliveries, selling more than $40,000 worth of drugs over two years and presumably the authorities were following his activities to catch the bigger fish so to speak. One of his co-workers was shocked and said, “He used to hit us all up for money, food and gas. We were always giving him $20 to $30 at a time.”  So what is wrong with that? Sounds like a sound financial plan to me. Remember you can live on the interest, but never touch your principal.

 Here are just a few of the comments:

“Introducing Papa John’s new Coke Nose Supreme.”;

“Like some Coke with that pizza?”;

“Maybe he needed money for his health care, since his hours were reduced.”;

“Better pizza, better drugs - Papa John’s.”;

“Supply and demand, supply and demand.”;

“That’s the only thing I would actually consider buying from there. The drugs are probably safer than those $#!++* @$$ pizzas.”;

“But, but, but it’s oregano!”;

“Do you suppose he’ll get unemployment?”;

“Oh, I usually just order my pizza with mushrooms, onions and green peppers.”;

“If they busted him the first time where would they get their drugs? They busted him because he raised the prices.”;

“I wonder if those pizzas had “shrooms” instead of the regular fungi?”;


“I was expecting more stoner pizza jokes. You people disappoint me….”;

“Did Colbert know about this?”;

“Is there a coupon for that?”;

“First Los Pollos Hermanos, now this!” (If you aren’t a Breaking Bad fan you didn’t get this);

“President Obama knew about this at least three weeks prior to Ramon’s arrest! Hillary bought one of the pizzas! The IRS was targeting Papa John’s for selling cocaine! SCANDALS!”