Celebrating local author, Jenni (Stearns) Moen's Debut

Morning coffee fills the air as a fevered flow of words escape her mind, fingers clicking quickly across keys. Her friend, sitting across the table, edits through another page, cleaning up dialogue, another helps flesh out the plot, and at the helm, Jenni Stearns Moen finished her final draft...getting to do what all writers ache to do...simply submit.

"Remembering Joy" is the debut novel of Jenni Moen, local Ardmoreite and Ardmore Highschool graduate creating her own definition of "having it all" in our hometown. Writing a book is hard. Coming up with words to fill page after page, creating a seamless dialogue, developing characters that are both believable and relatable are some of the harder elements of creating a story. Doing so for over three hundred pages...well folks, its an accomplishment all by itself.

Jenni creates a world for her characters where learning to trust, resolving their pasts, and exploring a bit of naughty interlaces to create an engaging and easy flowing read. Her characters are believable and her plot is plausible. These are hard elements for any writer and Jenni has managed, with her first book, to accomplish her goal.

Supporting our locals is a big part of hometown living, so here is your chance to not only enjoy a good summertime read, but to also support one of our own.

Jenni Moens book, "Remembering Joy" is available through Amazon online, which can be downloaded. Many have lit their Kindle Fires right up reading her saucy sentences.

It's a beautiful day folks...perfect day for reading. So take a chance, buy her book, and get ready for a spicy night....in our hometown.