Berdie Williams, a long time resident of District 9 in Bryan County, Oklahoma, has an­nounced her candi­dacy for a seat on the Choctaw Na­tion Tribal Council.

The District 9 election will be July 13th.

The daughter of the late Geraldine Simpson Allen, a full blood Choctaw, Wil­liams, a 35 year employee of the Choctaw Nation, is also a farmer and busi­nesswoman and earned a Bachelor of Science in business administration.

Williams’ extensive ex­perience includes the de­velopment and implemen­tation of long standing, successful programs and services for Choctaw men, women and children. She joined forces with federal and state agencies such the Indian Health Service, American Cancer Society, and the Oklahoma Breast Care Center as a strong ad­vocate for Choctaws’ rural health care. She launched adult and children well­ness projects, health clin­ics, mobile mammogram screening projects, environmental health projects as well as numerous other direct healthcare services across the 10,000 square mile area of the Choctaw Nation.

Williams said she “seeks to promote unity and in­clusion so that Choctaws are inspired to engage in public conversations toward fostering greater so­cial, economic and health opportunities or individu­als and families.” She said her involve­ment in tribal government and service to the Choctaw people is complemented by her values of commit­ment and responsiveness to others.

“I will work tirelessly to strengthen and support the services and benefits offered to members of the Choctaw Nation. I will also support legislation or poli­cies that strengthen the economic, cultural, edu­cation and health foun­dations of our tribe. We are at the threshold of an exciting occasion in tribal government and I look forward to participating in the democratic process of our sovereign nation,” Williams stated.