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By Kristi Cox
Sometimes, living in a hometown your whole life can become routine and boring. Luckily, my imagination can turn any street, block, or event into a journey into another world. So join me on an adventure in my hometown.
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Derrick Harris
Kristi Crutchfield Cox
Derrick Harris
By Kristi Cox
June 13, 2013 7:46 a.m.

Wondering what to do this weekend? Well, take moment to check out our local hot spots. Last weekend, sitting amongst friends old and new, we had a toes in the water kind of eve, letting Derrick Harris and his band 100 Bones write the rhythm of our night. Families and couples meandered in, bringing fold up style camping chairs to provide extra seating. As dusk fell, children played about as parents stole a few minutes to feel carefree, couples having first dates held hands, some even swayed as the musics tempo moved us from river party eve to a slower bonfire kind of mellowness. Allen Orebaugh, Ardmore native, took to the stage playing guitar, his steady gaze and confident fingers blended notes into the playful antics of the drummer, a lively character whose name I regretfully did not get, but whose captivating eyes sparkled a bit as he drummed while the bass guitarist, seemed to lose himself in rhythm as they played.
And Derrick, man, I can honestly say, wow, he has grown up and rocked it. I have known him for many years and to see him on stage, playing a mix of musical genres, a blend of Dave Mathews, exhaling the spirit of Bob Marley, rousing an Irish pub melody of Mumford & Sons, and a soft whisper of the Grateful Dead... connecting with his audience through his sound and personality. Children cracked up when he broke out into Dracula's laugh...the Dracula of "Forgetting Sara Marshall". Eyes lit up and adults laughed raucously as he carried us through a song of love lost.
To sum up my husband's text from a previous night of watching Derrick..."wow, he is awesome".
Yes, folks, he is. So if you get a chance, check out Derrick Harris and 100 Bones, playing at Red Dirt. And make sure to check out Red Dirt's Facebook page and Website, there you can find the latest on your weekend entertainment, because Fridays at noon...YES NOON...you can have a midday celebration to start the weekend right with live music and great food...
Just another adventure in music, in our hometown.
Derrick also plays with the following bands:
100 Bones, Lead Singer and Guitar
The Grown Ups, where he plays drums and sings harmonies
And on Spotify, you can find both albums:
The Grown Ups
Dark Hearts (also on Itunes)

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