Summer has gotten tastier for members of the Tiger Unit.

Tiger Unit is part of the Boys and Girls Club of Carter County, and meets at the HFV Wilson Community Center.

The youth are participating in a three-part weekly workshop that began Thursday called "Fantastic Foods" at the Oklahoma State University Carter County Extension Office.

OSU Extension Educator Gerri Ballard is teaching the workshops, which cover food preparation and kitchen safety, as well as the chance to cook dishes.

"One of the reasons for obesity is people can't prepare their own food," Ballard said. "It's so much healthier to cook your own food."

Unit leader Steve Sanders said he is excited about what the youth will learn from the weekly workshops.

"I hope they learn food safety and kitchen safety so they can prepare their own food," Sanders said.

Lessons began with Ella Moffet, a 4-H member who participates in food preparation activities, demonstrating proper techniques for measuring ingredients.

"I was scared, because I'm not that good at speaking in front of people," Moffet said. "However, it was awesome, and it was nice meeting new people."

For the cooking portion, participants paired up and made muffins. Each group put their own twist on the recipe, such as adding cinnamon or pineapples.

"My favorite part is getting to eat food made for myself, because you get to decide what you eat," Chris Howell said.

The workshop was a learning opportunity for many of the youth who had little cooking experience. Moriah Moiser's cooking experience is limited mostly to microwave dishes. She said she appreciated the opportunity to expand her cooking skills.

"I learned how to make muffins. I thought it was really fun and really cool to learn," Moiser said.

Other participants regularly cook at home, such as Janae Austin, who said she makes breakfast for her family on weekends.

"I like tasting whatever I make," she said.

The next Thursday's workshop will include discussion of "My Plate," the U.S. Department of Agriculture's replacement for the food pyramid, and making pizza with a homemade crust.

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