Ardmore Farmers' Market

Ardmore Farmers' Market is open and bustling, vendors were out with butter crunch lettuce, fresh basil and local honey from Melvitt's Farms, sunflowers bursting with color gathered from Rapier Farms, while McConnell Farms overflowed with fresh gourds and squash, pitty pans and zebra striped. The luscious firm skin waiting to be sauteed or grilled for your summer supper. Carter House Farm offered juicy succulent blackberries, large and bursting with flavor. Home made burp cloths customized for your baby and sewn by the ladies of Carter House Farms.

Farmers' Markets are becoming the beacon for community life and health. As consumers become more aware of genetically modified foods and of the often times questionable products shipped in from countries who still use chemicals banned in the US, our farmers' markets offer an increasingly trustworthy outlet for finding fresh produce picked off the vine  as recent as this morning.  This is a huge step for a community...reconnecting with their food supplier. Ardmore has several small farms that are trying to become YOUR food supplier, the growers are friendly and eager to share their produce and their home made goods. Your job is to show up and shop!

Locally grown foods have better nutrients, flavor, and shelf life. They have not been forced ripened in a cooler for days, nor have they been sprayed endlessly with preservatives to keep them looking fresh. I would love to see our local grocery stores buy from local growers and have a special Market section where local farms were listed above their goods. Our local schools could have an intergenerational canning class, allowing our youth to learn a new skill and possibly spawn a new market for our vendors, since Oklahoma has not passed any home cottage industry laws that allow small growers to can in their home.

And that is really sad, because the small business owner, sometimes can be very small. And having the right resources to expand a business is necessary. What if our schools tied Family Sciences with a "canning day". I am sure there is grant money somewhere for lost arts...homesteading is making a comeback after all.

But all thats for another day, another article...

So check out the other images from this morning at the Market...

And next Saturday...plan a  family outing, buy a bunch of fresh Sunflowers for your table, some berries for a pie, a bit if wildflower honey to sweeten a morning bsicuit...and have your culinary adventure in our hometown.