The ACT Foundation and its funding partners, the Joyce and Lumina Foundations, were recognized today at the Clinton Global Initiative conference in Chicago. President Bill Clinton announced a Commitment to Action, which funds a research partnership with the Business Roundtable to analyze skills credentials that effectively predict workplace success for young, working learners.

Backed by funding from the three foundations, the Business Roundtable will study the current job market and predict which industries are likely to see significant job growth. Over the course of the nine-month project, researchers will define the skills required of workers in each field, identify the fields that share a common skill base, and specify the industry-recognized skills credentials most meaningful to workplace success.

Parminder K. Jassal, executive director of the ACT Foundation, describes the collaborative project as a cutting-edge effort to benchmark relevant and meaningful certifications that validate a student's or potential worker's knowledge, skills, and abilities. The analysis will result in baseline information for the nation-from the employer's perspective as well as the job seeker's perspective-on evidence-based skills credentials likely to result in career success.

Jon Whitmore, ACT chief executive officer, said that the recognition reinforces the ACT vision for its Foundation. "When the ACT Board allocated funds for the Foundation on the occasion of the company's 50th anniversary, the intention was to facilitate initiatives that support the ACT mission of helping people achieve education and workplace success," said Whitmore. "This initial commitment of ACT Foundation funds is exactly on target with that intention."

"The recognition of the Clinton Global Initiative for this project provides a measure of validation for the important issues the ACT Foundation intends to address for the common good," added Jassal. "We are excited to advance the field with our partners, and to share the outcomes with policymakers and thought leaders in education, talent management, and economic development by this time next year."