The hiring landscape facing recent college grads may be inhospitable, with an April poll showing more than half the college graduates admitting to having difficulty in finding a job. But authors Coach Micheal J. Burt and Colby B. Jubenville share tactics to help graduates create a best-odds scenario for acing interviews and landing a job.

Here’s one of them based on a show and tell strategy:

Showcase your innovation. As recently as 10 or 15 years ago, it was relatively safe for companies to stick with “the way we’ve always done things.” That’s not the case anymore. As the global economy becomes flatter, swifter, and more competitive, businesses in all industries are finding it necessary to think of new ways to solve problems on the fly. So even if you’re going into a field that is generally seen as non-creative (such as banking or engineering), it’s still smart to show that you are imaginative and innovative.

“Innovative thinking is going to instantly increase your value to a company that is trying to move forward,” confirms Jubenville. “A good way to demonstrate that you have this skill is to make a video of yourself articulating why you’re valuable and what you could bring to the table. In fact, Coach Burt and I sometimes ask candidates to do this very thing in order to gauge how creatively each person thinks and how they react to an open-ended assignment. If video isn’t your thing, make sure to weave examples of how you’ve thought beyond established boundaries and actively sought efficient new solutions to problems into your interview answers.”