I believe in the right to bear arms, but some of my extreme right wing paranoid friends just go too far, fearing that the government will one day try to take away everyone’s firearms. For anyone to believe something as far fetched as that, you would have to believe that people would sit idly by as their government would do the following:

Take over a country and force its indigenous people to relocate numerous times, breaking treaty after treaty with them and finally force many of those indigenous people to walk thousands of miles for months to relocate, yet again, resulting in several thousand deaths.

Allow slavery to exist for almost 100 years.

For all practical purposes, deny those same people the right to vote for another hundred years.

Deny women the right to vote for almost 150 years.

Pass laws that stopped immigration by unmarried Chinese workers in effect for 61 years until 1943. (Chinese Exclusion Act)

Force its citizens into internment camps because some of their relatives are from a country they are at war with.

Choose not to bomb railroads that Jews were transported to death chambers on in WW II because it wasn’t a strategic target.

Conduct mind control experiments including the use of LSD on people such as prostitutes, drug addicts, prisoners and mental patients without their knowledge. (when?)

Start providing 600 African Americans free health care to cover the fact that they are doing syphilis experiments on them.  

Do mandatory sterilizations on mental patients and at least 2,000 African American women and threatening them with cutting out their welfare benefits if they don’t comply.

Let a state discriminate against a religion because “they were coming to vote in blocks”. (Mormon Extermination Order)

Do a pre-emptive strike against a nation because they allegedly have weapons of mass destruction.

Have the IRS target conservative groups.

Have the Justice Department tap phones of the media for months.

I guess I just need to get a new group of friends that aren’t so delusional. Who could believe such a far-fetched fairy tale!