The hiring landscape facing recent college grads may be inhospitable, with an April poll showing more than half the college graduates admitting to having difficulty in finding a job. But authors Coach Micheal J. Burt and Colby B. Jubenville share tactics to help graduates create a best-odds scenario for acing interviews and landing a job.

Here’s one of them based on a show and tell strategy:

Show your agility. Being smart, skilled, and capable is good…but these qualities aren’t very valuable if you aren’t able to deploy them with quickness and efficiency. Employers want to see that you can effectively react and respond to questions and problems in a timely manner. Conveying that you seek out and respond well to challenges is a good way to prove your value in this area. You might want to discuss how you excelled despite a heavy workload during a particular semester, for example, or explain how your summer job working the customer service desk of a retail store taught you to be a swift and decisive problem solver.

“Agility in the workplace also means that you’re a quick learner, not just a quick doer,” Burt said. “This is definitely something you want to get across to the employer. Try to remember what he or she says earlier in the interview so that you can tie later answers and conversations back to it.”