This is the final week to apply for the Oklahoma Highway Patrol's 62nd OHP Academy. The academy is tentatively scheduled to begin January 27. Currently there are approximately 344 applications for next year's patrol school, which is considerably less than in years past.

"We want to continue providing the citizens of Oklahoma with the very best service from every member of the Department of Public Safety. In order to provide quality service, we must recruit large numbers of qualified applicants to fill those positions," siaid DPS Commissioner Michael C. Thompson.

To be considered for employment as a state trooper, applicants must be a U.S. citizen, at least 23 years of age, but no older than 45 at the start of the academy. They must have a clean background and possess an associate degree or have a minimum of 62 completed hours from an accredited college or university before the academy starts.

"Patrol academies are necessary to providing quality policing directed at achieving safer roadways and reducing crime. It is imperative we recruit quality applicants to keep up with the changing demands of our state and continue providing excellent service to the public". -Colonel Kerry Pettingill, Chief of Patrol.

The application process will close June 30th. Anyone interested in becoming an Oklahoma State Trooper

may go to our website at or call the DPS Human Resources Division at 405-425-2424.