Plans are moving forward for an extensive road overlay project that will reach all five wards of the city. There are 26 streets listed for improvements in the 2013-14 fiscal year. Overland Corporation's bid of $1,418,748.90 was awarded the project over Silver Star Construction, which bid $1,520,000.

"The biggest project on this list is the finalization of 4th Street," City Engineer Wayne Busma said. "We are in the final stages of the concrete work, and the asphalt should be done soon. An end to the project is in sight."

The total work encompassing the streets slated for improvement will vary. Some streets listed may only require work on one block, while other streets will require more extensive work.

"When we lay out the project, we try to do enough so that there is enough work for the contractors, that they don't have to mobilize their equipment all over the place," Busma said.

A number of criteria were used to develop the list of streets that will receive an overlay. Pavement management software, traffic count as well as residents living on a street were utilized.

"We try real hard to keep an overall balance in the areas of town where the work takes place," Busma said. "We don't want one area of town be neglected. We try to balance it out in each of the commissioner's wards."

On a majority of streets, a portion of the surface will be milled off with an additional layer added. There will also be some streets that will be stripped down to the base and reworked.

The project came in under budget by nearly $200,000, as the engineer's estimate was $1,614,112.10. The carryover could be beneficial should the city need to make an adjustment to its original plans.

"Once we get going, we may add to the project a little bit," Busma said. "In some cases in the past, we have also had to drop off a little bit because of unforeseen circumstances."

Streets listed for milling and overlaying project

Maple from N. Commerce to Chickasaw Blvd.

Northwest Blvd. from N. Commerce to Chickasaw Blvd.

14th Ave. NW from Chickasaw Blvd. to Harris St.

Wolverton from 13th Ave. NW to 14th Ave. NW

Holt from Monroe to 15th Ave. NW

9th Ave. NW from Hargrove to Wolverton

4th Ave. NW from S. Rockford Place to N. Commerce

M St. NW from Broadway to W. Main

1st Ave. NW from N. Commerce to K St. NW

A St. NE (Caddo) from E. Main to E. Broadway

Mill St. SE from 1st Ave. SE to E. Main

C St. SW from Stanley to 1st Ave. SW

F St. SE from 9th Ave. SW to Colbert

I St. SW from McLish to Broadway

H St. SW from McLish to Stanley

Surrey Dr. SW from Myall Rd. to Myall Rd.

Rosewood from Cloverleaf to Lawrence

5th Ave. SW from R St. SW to Q St. SW

6th Ave. SW from R St. SW to Q St. SW

Q St. SW from 4th Ave. SW to 6th Ave. SW

Country Club from Woods Ln. to Mt. Washington

Meadow Rd. from Woods Ln. to Mt. Washington

Stone Wall from Woods Ln. to Meadow Rd.

Bridal Path Ln. from Country Club Rd. to Meadow Rd.

F St. SW from Drew to Pettit

Pettit from F St. SW to Hailey