The Tiger Unit imagined going underwater Thursday as the Boys and Girls Club of Carter County began a new program that gives members a first-hand look at various occupations.

The club has begun a speaker series where community members discuss their jobs and hobbies with the youths.

"We want to get the kids interested in different careers," said Executive Director Misty Sanders.

The program began with the Tiger Unit in Ardmore, with Bob Willis, Boys and Girls Club board member and president of Landmark Bank, sharing about scuba diving.

"I really enjoyed it and thought it was interesting," said Jada Hamilton.

Willis explained the physics and technical aspects of scuba diving, as well as the types of marine life a scuba diver might encounter.

"Even I learned a lot about scuba diving," Sanders said.

When school starts, the plan is to expand to Hardy House and Teen Town in Wilson.

Anyone wanting to volunteer as a speaker can contact Sanders at (580) 668-0388.