The Love/Carter/Marshall County Farm Service Agency is seeking nominations for a three-year term on the FSA County Committee.

Tamara Thomasson, county executive director, said the slot is for the Local Administrative Area LAA 2 & 4.

There are two ways an individual can be placed on the election ballot:

- Those interested in serving can place his or her name on the ballot

- Eligible voters can also place nominees on the slate. However, the nominee must sign a form indicating a willingness to serve

Eligibility requirements include:

- Participation and cooperation in the program administered by the FSA

- Eligible to vote in a county committee election

- Be a resident in the LAA in which the person is a candidate (This requirement may be waived. Information concerning waiver is available at the FSA office)

- Has never been removed or disqualified from the office of county committee member

- Has never been removed for cause from any public office

- Has never been convicted of a felony

- Has not been dishonorably discharged from any branch of the armed services

The committee supervises operations of the county office, as well as administering FSA emergency programs. In addition, the committee resolves issues of fairness and serves a key role in the USDA's check and balance of the appeals system.

Those seeking election to the committee should be prepared to generally spend 4 to 8 hours attending a monthly meeting. Members are reimbursed for vehicle expenses involved in attending the monthly meetings, and are paid a rate of $16.38 per hour.

Thomasson called the committee "the most effective voice for American agriculture."

She said the committee seeks diversity in order to bring different skills, understanding and perspective to the work of the group.

Nomination deadline is Aug. 1. Forms are available online at

Ballots will be mailed to eligible voters Nov. 4. The deadline for returning ballots is Dec. 2.

The newly elected committee member will take office Jan. 1.

Thomasson can be reached at (580) 276-2528, ext. 2.