It's yet another twist in the saga of Eric "Danger" Fields.

The Ardmore cruiserweight will fight Aug. 3 at White Hall Athletic Club in Whitehall, N.Y., against Ed Perry (18-5-2, 11 knockouts), but will do so as an independent.

The Fields group and Greg Cohen Productions have decided to go in different directions in regard to the promotion of Fields. This marks the third split for the Fields group from a promoter in the last five years.

For the upcoming fight, Fields group will fight under a card conducted by Greg Gross, a licensed promoter in the state of New York. After two bouts, the team will assess its options.

"The Fields team and Greg Cohen Productions want to go in different directions in regard to promoting Eric," said Jimmy Schaffer, Eric Fields' manager/advisor.

Perry is coming off of a long fight layoff, even longer than Fields' span of nine months. Perry's last bout was in Dec. 2010, when he was stopped in the sixth round by elite cruiserweight Lateef Kayode.

Fields, whose last fight was a six-round unanimous decision over Kevin Franklin in Oct. 2012, hasn't seen much action in the past year, but his handlers are looking to get him at least three bouts in the next six months. The Fields group is in discussions for a fight in Canada.

Despite the layoff, Fields (21-1, 15 knockouts) has maintained a world ranking of 35th among cruiserweights and third in the U.S. Since 2009, Fields is unbeaten in 10 fights.

"Money is not an issue," Schaffer said. "It's to get two or three fights so he'll be ready.

"He's in very good shape right now. He gets three or four good rounds under his belt, he'll get that rust off and be ready to go."

Under and agreement with his former promotion company catBOX Entertainment of Oklahoma City, Fields will not be eligible to fight in the state of Oklahoma until the fall of 2014. It's then that Fields hopes to defend a cruiserweight title in front of a home crowd.

"The Fields team appreciates the fans who have followed Eric's career with dedication and interest," Schaffer said.

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