Wishing you and yours a Happy Fourth of July!

Walking outside, the crisp smell of burnt wood greets my senses, layered with a smoky richness of slow smoked brisket. The fire snaps and crackles, flames licking the charred surface, teasing with it's caress...BBQ...simply a staple of any Fourth of July picnic. Lake Murray is busy with old friends and new; families joining together to share laughter and good times. Tables covered in red, white and blue cloths lay waiting for bowls of chilled potatoe salad, and the debate of which is best, mustard or mayo? Old mason jars filled with just a bit of ice to keep those garden fresh onions crisp to the bite, and don't forget those sugary desserts...late night smores bring giggles and delight as the ooey goodness of smashed marshmellow makes friends with the all time classic Hershey bar and graham cracker. 

Whether you are sitting in a boat watching the small lights zip about as you wait for the burst of color of a fabulous fireworks show, or maybe you are sitting on a blanket on the hill at Dornick watching kids roll down as they wait for the festvities, maybe your out towards Wilson or Ringling, sitting up on the back of a truck in the perfect spot to see miles of fireworks in every direction...may your Fourth of July bring you smiles, laughter, friendship, and peace.

And remember...many people have given their lives for our freedom...don't waste your freedom, make your life count.