Make your 4th of July party clean up easy!

If you are sitting around this morning surveying the mess left by your 4th of July celebrations of last night, or you are planning for (and not looking forward to) the cleanup of the party you have planned for this weekend – here are a few tips to consider. 

Throwing a party can be, and should be fun!  Make sure you plan and use your time efficiently so cleaning up doesn’t make you regret your decision to host.

Don’t make your guests look for where to put their trash!  Make sure you have make-shift trash cans sitting around areas your guests will congregate.  Use boxes lined with plastic trash bags can be a great, inexpensive way to increase your temporary trash can needs. If you are serving food, be sure to place food where it is convenient to quickly take serving platters and items to the kitchen.  In 90 degree weather, food should not be left out more than 1 hour.  Take advantage of this for cleaning up purposes too!  By putting away food quickly during the party, you won’t have food to deal with at the end. You can quickly place dirty dishes in a tub or sink of soapy water to get them out of the way, and easier to clean up later.   Make sure there are tubs of water located around areas where fireworks will be used.  Make sure all sparkler sticks, matches and other items are placed in the tubs for safety.  This also helps with clean up tasks. Don’t leave trash out over night!  Critters will invade very quickly.  Make sure to tie up trash bags and take to receptacle. After the party, carry a trash bag around the outdoor area as you walk the property and pick up trash and debris.  Then determine a location to place items which do not belong where they are; toys, chairs, clothing, etc.  Once the yard is free of trash and the pile is made, begin to return items to where they go.

The most important things – make it easy for your guests to help you keep it clean, and make it easy for you to do small things throughout the party to eliminate the need for a huge clean up after.