A trip to the casino turned out to be a losing proposition for two men Saturday evening.

Brandon Parley Stehr and James Muryl Fisher were allegedly in possession of what was identified as a stolen vehicle Saturday evening, and were taken into custody.

Stehr, 26, of Sulphur, and Fisher, 36, of Wilson, were pulled over on U.S. Highway 77 at Applegate after leaving the Black Gold Casino. The vehicle they were in was reported stolen by the Sulphur Police Department earlier in the day.

Wilson Police Chief Felix Hernandez said the department ran the tag of the vehicle, which came up stolen, leading to the two men being pulled over.

"Stehr said he borrowed it, supposedly from his relatives," Hernandez said. "But it had been reported as stolen."

Stehr was arrested pending charges of grand larceny motor vehicle and failure to stop at a sign. Fisher was arrested pending the charge of accessory to grand larceny of a motor vehicle.