Only a month away from the start of practice, Ardmore is getting a little taste of what's to come in August and beyond.

The Tigers got to strap on the helmets and pads Tuesday morning against visiting Piedmont for an hour and a half for the first time since spring practice.

"It was just nice to get back out here and play some football," said Ardmore head coach Doug Wendel. "We'll watch the film later on and see how things went, but overall, I thought it went well."

"It's better than us going out and hitting each other," said senior fullback Darius Lawson. "It feels good to go out there and play against someone in a different colored jersey."

Both teams matched up for 10-15 plays each, alternating between offense and defense, as well as varsity and junior varsity.

Ardmore was impressive on defense, especially the first team, as they delivered hit after hit, creating turnovers and showcasing their speed and athleticism.

"Our first team defense looked good today and our second bunch on defense did some good things, as well," Wendel said. "We won the turnover battle decisively and that's something we've really been harping on all spring and summer long. We'll continue to focus on that."

And much of that defensive success was generated through high activity from the entire Ardmore defense.

"I thought we had a lot of energy today, that was nice to see," Wendel said. "Our guys have always liked playing football and playing together. It was nice to see them back out here today."

"We're just trying to be loose and have fun. The technique will come eventually, we just want to play fast right now," said senior linebacker Devin Reynolds.

As for the offense, Wendel was pleased with the way Ardmore took care of the ball, as they continue to progress in the change to the flexbone.

"Offensively, we protected the football, which is very important for us," Wendel said. "Typically with the flex, it takes two years to get the thing going, at least the way you want it to execute. This will be our second year and I expect us to do very well with it."

Overall, Wendel and the Tigers seemed pleased with their first day. However, they understand there are three more sessions this week and the real deal is still a month away.

"We were active and did some good things, but it's still summer time and it's just a practice. We're just looking to get guys reps and give them some experience."

Ardmore will continue their team camp practice this week, as it hosts Plainview today through Thursday from 8-11 a.m. on the practice fields just north of Noble Stadium.

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