When you think about the Ardmore Beautification Council you may think of Central Park, the seasonal decorations displayed across town, the painting of Key’s Grocery last year through a grant, or you may think about the beautiful daffodils that bloom each spring downtown. This organization’s purpose is to improve the appearance of our community and educate about sustainability.

Norma Lynne Paschall has been with the ABC from the beginning and become their Executive Director in 1997. “It has been an enjoyable experience. Community improvement has always been an interest --- and it goes hand in hand with economic development. Now more than ever business and industry is locating where great qualities of life are available. Parks with walking trails, green spaces, trees, golf courses, lakes close by, and a walkable, friendly downtown with great restaurants and unique shops are just a few of the things people want when they shop, vacation, or relocate to a new area. Ardmore offers all of these amenities, plus a rich history, and I think that is why we are seeing an influx of young people moving here,” Paschall said. “They will be Ardmore’s future, making it a vital, prosperous city.”

The ABC started as a committee of the Chamber of Commerce in March 1989, became a 501©(3) in 1995, and moved to their current location in Neustadt Plaza in January 1997. This community development nonprofit is governed by a board of trustees that works with volunteers throughout the area.

“ABC’s motto is ‘A Beautiful City Is Good Business!’ says it all,” according to Paschall. “It is human nature to gravitate to places that offer appeal and charm and welcomes you as you enter the community.

I’ve been privileged to be a part of the ABC’s efforts this past 24 years but I am now looking forward to retiring effective July 31.”

One thing Paschall mentioned she enjoyed most while working for the ABC were suggestions brought to the organization by local citizens. The fence at Rose Hill Cemetery, the removal of the old rusted oil tanks on W. Broadway, saving the 100-year old pecan tree at 12th Ave. NW and Commerce, and overseeing the landscape maintenance at Central Park were all projects concerned citizens believed would be better with ABC’s involvement. “This organization encourages public involvement and will consider any project as long as it fits within their mission statement,” Paschall said. “Through hard work and volunteer commitment ABC can help turn a worthwhile community vision into reality. This is an organization Ardmore is privileged to have and I encourage those interested in community improvement to be a part this effort.”

ABC’s website is www.forabc.org and they are on Facebook, or they can be contacted at 580-223-2230.