On Wednesday morning, one could see that Ardmore and Plainview don't get together on the football field much.

It was easy to tell this wasn't just another team camp.

"We practice against each other during the spring and workout with each other all summer," said Plainview senior wide receiver/defensive back Gage Kennedy. "It's great to compete against these guys from Ardmore."

And there was plenty of hitting going on.

"It was really fun," said Ardmore senior defensive lineman/linebacker C.J. Long. "It's fun to be able to go out and hit someone else."

Both teams split up into their position groups and worked out with the opposition, along with each team being able to run team offense and defense against each other at the start and towards the end of the morning.

However, both teams weren't going to leave the practice field without some old school "King of the Ring" drill, which brought a heightened intensity to a camp in July.

"The intensity was top of the line," Kennedy said. "It was a 10 out of 10."

"Oh it was definitely high," Long said. "I liked it and I know everyone else did, too."

But with the intensity comes respect. There's an obvious bond between numerous players from both schools. Although they may be trying to wear each other out for one week in July, they still remain close friends when they step off the field.

"I've got a lot of friends from Plainview," said Long, who was one of Ardmore's top defensive players last season. "They're your friends when you aren't on the field, but when we're out here, you've got to go at them."

"There aren't any hard feelings," Kennedy said. "We're only enemies on the practice field."

And with those attitudes, players from both squads are taking full advantage of competing against, not only their friends, but against a quality opponent, too.

"They're a 5A team and they're really good competition. Ardmore offers us a look at great speed and it will only make us better," Kennedy said.

"This is going to make both teams better," Long said. "We're getting more time and more work, which will pay off in the fall."

Ardmore and Plainview will continue team camp for two more days. Both Thursday's and Friday's session will be from 8-11 a.m. on the practice field north of Noble Stadium.

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