I love reading the facts as purported on Facebook and internet sites.  Why people tend to pass these “facts” on astounds me. Even when what is shared is true, it is often times ancient news. It reminds me of the old joke about the little girl that came home from school crying. After some prompting from her mother, the girl finally confided why she was so distraught. The reason was that she had just found out Abraham Lincoln had died. Her mother said “Honey that happened a long time ago” to which the young lass replied, “Well, I just found out about it.”  The things that people pass on without even a cursory check on any of the fact finding sites boggles the mind. The general consensus seems to be, as long as this post agrees with my political ideology it is okay to pass along. One of the best ways to ensure that people won’t check it out, even though it may sound suspect, is to simply say “I have checked this out on ‘abc’ and ‘xyz’ fact finding sites and it is true.”  I suppose most people are simply too lazy to verify the facts.

 I believe I have mentioned before that I love to read comments on articles and social media posts. I read one some time back that several people had commented and debunked. One of the comments was, “Well, it gives you something to think about.”  Yes, indeed!  All those vampire movies give you something to think about as well, BUT IT”S FICTION! Of course, it isn’t all fiction. Like most well fabricated stories, there is just the right mix of facts and emotionalism thrown in to get people really stirred up.

One of my favorite things are the posts that are giving away free, big screen televisions, computers, iPads, gift certificates, etcetera, all you have to do is like and share. The scam is nothing new. All you have to do is play to people’s natural inclination: greed! Like the snake oil salesmen and con men of yesteryear, they are alive and well on social media. While it is true we may not have anything to lose by clicking “Like”, I don’t really care to promote someone’s page when their only goal is to sell it.   They have made too many widgets and would rather give them away as an ingenious marketing plan.  I don’t know why, but I can’t recall any time prior to the internet, that manufacturers decided they had made too many widgets and would just give them away as a marketing ploy  if people would just  tell somebody about them. Maybe it’s just me.