Food Bliss

I am a hummus addict. Apparently, with our new foodie location opening Monday, my addiction will happily be satisfied. Stopping in today, at our new Greek & Mediterranean Restaurant located in the old Smoking Joes on Caddo, we had a trip to another land. Scanning the menu, I quickly chose my favorites; hummus, tabouleh and falafel. In my opinion, this is the quickest way to determine if the food will delight...well, it did. My comrade, who had spent time in many of the countries where this food is native, was skepitical, telling me "I don't hold out hope for really authentic tasting hummus in Ardmore".

HE WAS WRONG...and, judging by the number of times he bent the soft, warm pliable pita, smearing it round the creamy textured, slightly tart, barely oiled heavenly bliss sprinkled with a burnt orange hued paprika sprinkle, well apparently his taste buds felt an overseas glee of genuine pleasure. Falafel, the bright green herbs held their flavor and texture against the blend of fava beans and spices. Tabouleh is often tricky, and usually heavily oiled in most places. This tabouleh was crisp, slightly citrusy, evenly blended, the cucumber and mint played against the bulgur, which held form and was robust in texture.

They open Monday, if you don't make it before I do, I'll try and leave some hummus for you.


Just another adventure in our hometown.