A decision by the Ardmore City Commission has paved the way for the city of Ardmore to relieve itself of a $1.5 million financial obligation.

The commission voted Monday to pay off an Oklahoma Water Resources Series 2003 Revolving Fund Revenue Bond in an amount just under $1.5 million.

City Clerk Ken Campbell presented the agenda item during the Monday meeting, recommending paying off the amount, which will be done in October. The bond was for engineering services for a water tower, and the bond can be paid off through the reserve management fund. Paying off the bond will prove beneficial to the city, as it will improve the debt ratio for any possible future loan/bond funding that may be needed.

The commission also approved an agreement with the Fraternal Order of Police, Lodge #108. Highlights of the agreement include a 3 percent cost of living wage increase. Approval was also given for the purchase of eight handheld radios for the SWAT Division in the amount of $11,336.80. The city will also purchase a new server and workstation for the video recording system in the amount of $16,085 for necessitated technological upgrades.

A revision was approved on the policy for health insurance benefits needed to comply with the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.

In 2012, the city purchased eight back-up battery systems to service signal lights in the event power goes out. Approval for the purchase of eight more systems was given. They will be placed at the following intersections:

• Myall and S. Commerce

• Stanley and S. Commerce

• 15th Ave. and N. Commerce

• Northwest Blvd. and N. Commerce

• Broadway and Plainview Road

• Broadway and Michelin

• 12th Ave. and N. Washington

• Hwy. 142 and Sam Noble

A number of appointments were also made to boards throughout the city. Lauren Crosby Battles was appointed for a first three-year term on the Chickasaw Library Board. Tim Longest was appointed to a first three-year term on the Board of Adjustment, and Scott Chapman and John Pirtle will serve second three-year terms on the planning commission.