Area cheerleaders had an explosive time in South Padre recently, as the HFV Atomic Blast Cheer Squad placed in several divisions at a national competition.

The squad, based at the HFV Wilson Community Center, competed at the American Cheer Power Beach Battle Championship in South Padre, Texas.

"They competed very well. They gave me 110 percent," says coach Sara Calhoun. "They were very respectful of everyone, and had good sportsmanship."

The junior team won the Junior All-Star Level 2 Division.

The youth team struggled with a tumbling pass, but still managed to place third in the Youth All-Star Division.

"Everyone cried, but Sara was still proud of us," says Tyiona Sauls.

The center's dance team also competed. The HFV Toxic won the Senior All-Star Hip Hop contest.

While in South Padre, the cheerleaders and dancers were also able to enjoy time at the beach.

"We made sand castles and got in the ocean where there were waves and salty and jellyfish," Sauls says. "When we saw waves, I would jump so I wouldn't drown and we got sand all over our body."