I am deeply saddened! You should be as well. I am upset about the Mayor of San Diego Bob Filner.  In case you haven’t heard, this uh, gentleman has been accused of sexual harassment by both employees and constituents. His former fiancé even gave details on some things she described as inappropriate sexual behavior. She announced the end of their engagement last week. Women have accused 70-year-old Mr. Filner of groping, intimate kissing, sexual advances and have even made up a name; the “Filner headlock” an attempt to describe how he was using his deft flirtatious wrestling moves trying to get kisses.  He did have the standard lines when confronted about the accusations: “I am embarrassed to admit that I have failed to fully respect the women who work for me and that at times have intimidated them.” Mr. Filner admitted, “I need help”.  He apologized for his behavior, but denied sexually harassing anyone exclaiming that some of his behavior might have been misconstrued. Well, I’m sure there was a plausible explanation for that. One that comes to mind could have been that he suddenly thought that he was in Philadelphia and was showing people that it was a place of “brotherly” love and just got a little overzealous.

 What makes Mr. Filner so unique, as one journalist pointed out, is the fact that while having sexual liaisons in office and immoral behavior are nothing new, most politicians resign and then seek forgiveness at the ballot box. This man has kahunas. He refuses to resign and is truly one in a million in the world of politicians.  Why Californians ever let him out of congress is unfathomable to me. He could have set a new low standard that would be hard for a snail to limbo under. This kind of talent is hard to find. The people of California let him out of Congress without insisting that he run for another term and now he has wasted his talents on a lowly mayor position. I don’t think most people realize the potential this man had. How sad! It isn’t often that one as gifted as this comes along.  What a waste!