Ardmore Little Theater, a truly class act of talent, director, and community

"I was speechless"

"I did not expect what I saw"

"This music teacher, you just would not have guessed, and she played this inn keeper and was amazing, and this dress was poofed out, and she laughed..."

"The cast played their part so much like the people did in the film, they were just, I didn't want to get up to pee even!

"And the backgrounds, the elaborateness, they were just wow, and this one, the lead he just sang them so convincing I just, they deserve an oscar all of them, and the boy like the one in the film, he just and this top hat and..."

Ardmore Little Theater pulled off what some thought was impossible; staging, performing, and delivering on "Les Miserables" by Victor Hugo, originally published in 1862. Judging by the above reactions, it was an engaging way to learn french history, one which may spawn general audiences to listen more in history class come fall. In the meantime, Broadway has come to Ardmore.

I wanted to simply hear the reactions to seeing this musical. Most simply looked awed as they described the way our own local actors and actresses brought down the house, infusing each character with bits of their own personalities. I have a few friends who are in the play, and I can tell you the effect mastering this musical has had on them has been inspiring. They took up a behemoth task, one which I am sure could have been a disastrous endeavor. THEY HAD TO LEARN COMPLEX VOCALS FOLKS. And to be CONVINCING. To quote one play attendee...

"The audience stayed silent, like we were all mesmerized, no one's cell even went off, can you believe that, people were quiet...we took one break for ten minutes, and went back in to finish...and the last note barely sounded when...we all stood up, a standing ovation, everyone was just blown away. They were amazing"

So to the A.L.T. cast...Congratulations, and thank you for the believable, heartbreaking, belly shaking laughter inducing, culturally and theatrically spellbinding performance you have brought to our hometown.