Bringing back small town living

Remember when Opie walked down the street in every opening scene, fishing pole over his shoulder? Are you wondering who in the world is Opie?

Once upon a time, in the early days of television, small town America was a big focus, think the early days of Duck Dynasty in black and white. Opie was the son of the towns local police chief, and he spent his days wandering about having a series of small town adventures. Well, one of those was fishing. Fishing is relaxing and, with a good strong pliable stick, some string, and a hook, almost anyone can enjoy the activity. have to buy a license. Some folks don't have that money and yet, they really enjoy fishing. What if we had a cooperative exchange where, for a few hours of volunteer work you could get a license provided. Youth could qualify, empowering them to be able to access the things they would like to do wihtout the hurdle of money. Our youth cannot work till a certain age, and for many of our youth, their families do not have the money to simply plop down.

Opie spent hours fishing, no license. Maybe we need to find a way back to a simpler life, one with less certification and a little more relaxation.

It's Sunday folks, a good day to rest before the week. A good day to make sure you laugh more than you stress. A day to gather with family and friends, simply enjoying a moment before the week starts back up, just another day in our hometown