While the need for reading during the summer is commonly stressed, math in the summertime often falls to the wayside.

The Cities in Schools program is working to stem the summer slide students might have in mathematics during their summer day camp.

Students receive daily instruction that includes solving math problems and games based on their grade level.

"It's my favorite class because you learn," says Hannah Wlodarczyk, Charles Evans. "You need to know stuff so you can get a really good job."

Emma Dempewolf has been teaching the sessions.

"I like it because the teacher is nice and kind, and she helps us a lot," says Macy Shelton, Plainview.

Sarah Growall has been substitute teaching sessions this week.

"It's interesting to watch how certain ones would react to games you don't think they would," Growall says. "I pin numbers up, and they have to find certain ones. It's gotten really competitive."

Some of the work is specifically designed to challenge the children, such as the rising third graders beginning to learn multiplication tables.

"I like multiplication because it helps me get better as I go into third grade," says Marley Sanderson, Lone Grove.

It is also a confidence booster for students.

"It's fun, and I'm good at it," says Maleah Webster, Charles Evans.

Students appreciate the opportunity to show off and utilize their math skills through games.

"I like solving math problems. It makes you think, and it's fun," says Gissel Mendoza, Madill.

Baylee Madison, Lincoln, enjoys playing Liars, a card game which requires students to remember the type and number of cards that have been played so they can catch other players in a lie.

"I really like playing cards," Madison says.

Paige Nelson, Lone Grove, enjoys playing Monopoly Junior.

"It's really fun, because you get to win. I like getting money and getting to pick any color of piece," she says.