As the title of this blog suggests, the funniest stories are the true ones. These are some funny headlines I found. It really makes one wonder whether the reporters were trying to be funny or it just happened. These are just the PG-13 variety.

Missippi’s literacy program shows improvement

Federal Agents raid gun, shop find weapons

One-armed man applauds kindness of strangers

City Unsure why the sewer smells

Homicide victims rarely talk to police

Diana was still alive hours before she died

Statistics show that teen pregnancy drops off significantly after age 25

County to pay $250,000 to advertise lack of funds

Deer with big rack female, it turns out

Young tight ends excite coaches

Son of Westboro Baptist Church  leader attacked on live TV by naked 500lb. man who burst out of bathroom, sat on him and shouted: ‘who’s your daddy now?’

Psychics predict world didn’t end yesterday

Big rig carrying fruit crashes on 210 Freeway, creates jam

FDA Oks 3rd breast implant

Unopposed candidates loses races

Federal openness workshop closed to public

Chick accuses some of her male colleagues of sexism – (Laura Chick)

Close look at dating shows men chose attractive women

Man says he failed sobriety test because he was kissing on a ‘drunk chick’

Worker suffers leg pain after crane drops 800-pound ball on his head

Rain biggest factor in flooding

Stabbing disrupts class for anger management

Steer runs away from packing plant, enters steakhouse

Hand-wash facilities may be required at festivals with food (Has to be in the South somewhere)

Question who would win the presidential election if it were held today?  Yes 76.6

 %  No 23.4%

Bishops agree sex abuse rules

Porn Star sues over rear-end collision

Tight end returns after colon surgery

Mayor Parris to homeless: Go home

Missing baby found in Sandwich

Madonna reads her 2nd book

Committee appoints committee to appoint committee

Forecasters call for weather on Monday