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  17% Say U.S. Public Schools Provide World-Class Education
Survey of 1,000 U.S. Likely Voters 63% still believe that "a world-class education is the single most important factor in determining whether our kids can compete for the best jobs and whether America can outcompete countries around the world," but 21% disagree with this view expressed by President Obama in 2011 and 16% are undecided.The number of voters who share this view has changed little since August 2011 just after the president's remarks.Just 17% of voters think that public schools in the United States actually provide a world-class education, down from 20% in March and 26% two years ago, while 63% don't think that public schools provide this level of education and 20% are not sure.81% say it's at least somewhat important for schools to teach the traditional values of Western civilization, including 48% who say it's Very Important, while 12% believe it's not very or Not At All Important to teach those values.19% believe that most U.S. public schools do a good job teaching the traditional values of Western civilization, but 50% say schools are not doing a good job teaching those values and 31% are not sure.52% Adult Consumers Think U.S. In Recession
Survey of 1,500 American Adults The Rasmussen Consumer Index has gone up two points on Thursday to 99.3, down three points from a week ago and a month ago, but up three points from three months ago.The Rasmussen Investor Index has dropped four points since yesterday to 108.4.Investor confidence is also down four points from a week ago and three points from a month ago, but up by one point from three months ago.52% of adult consumers believe that the U.S. is currently in a recession, 29% disagree.Among investors, 50% say the U.S. is in a recession but 34% say that is false.Daily Presidential Tracking Poll
Survey of 1,500 U.S. Likely VotersObama: Strongly Approve: 25%... Strongly Disapprove: 36%... Index: -12… Total Approval: 50%...25% Favor Federal Bailouts for Ailing Cities Like Detroit
Survey of 1,000 American Adults 74% think it is at least somewhat likely that more major cities will file for bankruptcy in the near future, including 44% who say it is Very Likely, but 19% consider other municipal bankruptcies unlikely in the short term, including only 1% who view it as Not At All Likely.Just 42% now believe if a city is unable to pay its financial obligations, it should be allowed to file for bankruptcy, but 29% oppose bankruptcy for these cities and 28% are not sure.Support falls to 35% when respondents are told that government employees may have their pension benefits reduced if a city files for bankruptcy, while 43% then oppose the bankruptcy filing and 22% are undecided.Not surprisingly since public employee unions generally are aligned with the Democratic Party politically, support among Democrats for municipal bankruptcies drops from 56% to 30% if government employee pensions are at risk.Republicans are slightly more supportive of allowing cities to seek bankruptcy if government pensions are on the cutting table, while those not affiliated with either major party are less supportive.Only 25% of all Americans think the federal government should provide bailout funding for cities with serious financial problems, while 57% oppose bailouts, and 18% are undecided.22% are willing to pay significantly higher taxes to avoid having their city file for bankruptcy, while 47% would prefer having their city go bankrupt and 31% are not sure.55% See Marriage As Very Important To Society
Survey of 1,818 American Adults 79% find the institution of marriage at least somewhat important to U.S. society, including 55% who see it as Very Important, while 18% don't believe marriage is important, including 5% who see it as Not At All Important.These findings show little change from surveys in January of last year and May 2011.Perhaps not surprisingly, married Americans are far more likely than unmarried adults are to see marriage as a very important institution to U.S. society.Only 19% of those who are currently in a domestic partnership or are living with their significant other see marriage as very important, while 42% of those who do not fall into that category agree.Among all adults, just 29% believe that in a family with children, it is good for both parents to work full-time, while 35% think it's bad for both parents to work and 36% more are not sure.There is little difference in opinion about whether or not both parents should work full-time among those who have children under 18 living at home with them and those who do not when it comes to whether or not both parents should work.Men are more likely than women are to say it's bad when both parents work full-time.Just 21% of adults say they don't have children who are 18 or under living at home with them.