Reunions in our hometown

This weekend, two graduating classes will be celebrating the friendships and educations that were the start of their lives. I wish the class of Lone Grove well, be safe and have fun. As for Ardmore, I know alot of these people, so a few more words for them.

This class knocked the walls off on championships, they have done even more in adulthood. Some live close, some have moved far away. Whether I run acrosss you this weekend or not, I hope life has been kind to each of you. Hope this weekend allows old friendships to be revisited and memories of good times to be shared.

And for the girls who were on the tennis team and players I ever shared a court with. You were some fierce, awesome ladies..and yeah, the boys were pretty cool kats too.

So, the class of 1993...and 1988...warm regards, from your hometowns.