July is National Cellphone Courtesy Month, which serves as a reminder that while mobile technology has brought benefits and better moments to our daily lives, there are times when it may lead to unintended bad habits.

A recent Pew Internet study found that 74 percent of adults say they witness others using their phones in a loud or annoying manner in public “frequently” or “occasionally.” Although most Americans (including most cellphone owners) have witnessed other people behaving in a loud or annoying manner using their phones, just 6 percent of cell owners say that they themselves have drawn criticism or dirty looks from someone else because of the way they were using their phone in public.

Here is a tip for improving cellphone courtesy:

Don’t be a buzz kill. Most people think putting a phone on vibrate during a meeting or event is okay instead of silent. Vibration is meant to alert you, but it also distracts everyone else if left on a table in a meeting or dinner. Place the phone where vibration can alert you without bothering others.