Ardmore cruisreweight Eric "Danger" Fields is ready to fight. He's been ready for more than a year.

And if all goes as planned, he'll get all he can handle in the month of August.

After a long hiatus, Fields will finally return to the ring Saturday at the Whitehall Athletic Club in Whitehall, N.Y., against Alex Mejias (12-9,) in an eight-round bout. It's an opportunity Fields has been relishing, especially since it's the one step in between him and his shot at a championship belt.

On Aug. 31 in South Africa, Fields is scheduled to face Ilunga "Junior" Makabu (14-1, 13 KOs) of Kananga, Congo, for the World Boxing Commission Silver Cruiserweight belt. Makubu defeated Dmytro Kucher in Monaco by decision on July 13 for the belt.

Makubu, 25, is 18th in the world amongst cruiserweights. His only loss was his first fight in 2008.

"This was the first fight that he was challenged," Schaffer said of Makabu's last fight. "They've studied some film, they know their plan."

Sunday was the final sparring day for Fields before he goes into New York. Fields is entering Saturday's fight as an independent after a split from New York-based Greg Cohen productions.

Like his previous two fights under Cohen, Fields has prepared for the bout in a Canadian training camp. Fields, 31, is currently ranked 37th in the world and No. 3 in the U.S. cruiserweight rankings.

Despite the short turnaround in between fights — only 28 days — the opportunity was too good the pass up for Fields.

Marcello Di Croce, an instrumental matchmaker with more than 20 years experience in boxing promotions, was critical in coordinating the two fights in such short time, according to Schaffer.

"We worked diligently together to get Eric this opportunity," Schaffer said. "Without his (Di Croce) work, without his help, this would not have happened.

"We took short money to get him the opportunity. We're very appreciative of the opportunity. We're hoping that the success of that fight will catapult him to the level he should have been a few years ago."

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