The Pride of Plainview showed off two weeks of intensive work Thursday during a preview concert for parents.

For years, the marching band has participated in band camp, learning marching routines and new songs for this season. However, this was their first preview concert.

"Every year, parents send their children to band camp, but don't know what we do. We haven't had a chance to show what we learn," says Band Director Andy Price.

Band camp prepares the musicians for football and competition season.

"Band camp is really hot," says freshman Olivia Koenig, who plays the mellophone. "It's sweat, blood and tears, but it all pays off. There's no way we'd be ready without it."

"Band camp is like a sport. You learn marching and basics, and you feel it in your legs," says senior Cortney Ezell, who plays trumpet.

Eighth-grade members get their first dose of playing with the high school band.

"It's better than middle school band, because we do more things. We get to march and go to contests and no tests," says eighth-grader Rebekah Frank, who plays flute.

The camp also brings excitement to the end of summer.

"Towards the end of summer, there's nothing to do," says junior Andrew Irvin, who plays drums. "Band camp is a relief, because you have something to do and you get to see your second family."

The show set for this year is "Journey," which has struck a chord with the entire band.

"You know it's going to be a good marching show when you get goose bumps all over you body. It's a good feeling," says senior Cheyenne Hamm, who plays clarinet.

Price fondly recalls listening to Journey on cassette tapes and boom boxes during his own band days.

"I thought it was time we played it, and the kids know it from the television show 'Glee'," Price says.

Drum majors are seniors Trevor Aycox and Ashlee Taylor.