Amanda Funderburg discovered the ins and outs of the law profession at the National Judicial Competition.

Funderburg, a member of the Plainview High School Youth and Government Chapter started last school year, was one of nine Oklahoma students selected for the national competition in Chicago.

After the state competition in the spring, three students were chosen from the appellate court participants for NJC.

A total of 260 delegates, divided into 31 appellate teams and 18 mock trial teams, competed.

According to Funderburg, the cases presented at the national competition were more in depth than the one she argued at the state level.

"I learned more about the appellate process and all the work that goes into preparing a case," Funderburg says. "I had to read into the case more, but now I'll be able to read more into the district and state cases I get this year."

At NJC, Funderburg participated in the appellate court and enjoyed the opportunities to be an attorney and a judge.

"As an attorney, you could argue specifically what you wanted, and as a justice, you could ask a person questions and get a better picture of the overall case," she says.

The group also found some time for sightseeing while in the Windy City. They took a tour of Lake Michigan and visited the national headquarters of The Y.

"The lake was pretty, and when we got onto the boat, it looked better," Funderburg says.

Now, Funderburg looks forward to sharing what she learned locally.

"I'm excited because I can take what I learned at NJC and teach people to compete better at state," Funderburg says.