Receiving a locker assignment is a rite of passage for students entering Ardmore Middle School.

Last week, sixth graders who attended Prime Time received an introduction to their new school, as well as selected their own locker.

"This locker is near my friends and close to my classes," Savannah Woods says about her locker selection.

Just over half the sixth-grade class attended the event.

Administrators said the event "far exceeded expectations."

"When kids leave here, I want them to tell their parents they had fun," says assistant principal Jeremy Atwood. "The highlight for them was picking their own locker. It seems small and trivial, but it's important to them."

Students also met teachers from their core and elective courses, they were introduced to the opportunities available through the fine arts program, and learned cafeteria procedures, which differ from elementary school. A drawing for AMS Prime Time T-shirts also took place, giving students their first opportunity for AMS gear.

"Middle school seems awesome. I haven't experienced it yet, but it's going to be awesome," Faith Wilbon says.

Jose Hernandez is looking forward to his favorite courses — science, math and the Advancement Via Individual Determination elective.

"Teachers were nice and kind and loving," he says. "I won't get scared and nervous on my first day."