Oregon they are not, but the Lone Grove Longhorns are trying to turn into the Ducks of the Southwest.

Look for Lone Grove to ratchet up the offensive tempo this season under new head coach Jeremy Turner, who says that even with little experience returning on the offensive side in terms of starters, the Longhorns stand to be more successful with a no-huddle, spread offense.

Lone Grove's offense scrapped for points at times last season. The Longhorns were held to a touchdown or less in six games.

"I think it's very tough to prepare for, and some guys I coached with in Texas have done it for two years now in Texas and have had tons of success," Turner said. "I feel like we aren't just flying by the seat of our pants. They've shown us how to do it.

"It doesn't give the defense time to adjust. As fast as they can set it, we're gonna try to snap it."

Lone Grove will be young up front, with juniors across the entire offensive line and two sophomores in quarterback Grant Harmon and running back Jeremy Lewis likely starting in the backfield. The Longhorns have three starters returning on the offensive line in Tony Otting, Mat Jones and Lane Paul, and two at receiver in Tanner Vernon and Terry Rowe.

The Longhorns will also be young on the defensive side, replacing seven starters. Back for the Longhorns on defense are O'Shay Harris (safety), Nathan Meek (linebacker), Rowe (cornerback) and Vernon (cornerback).

"It's a work in progress but I feel that we're gonna take care and do what we need to do. junior defensive lineman Keith Sturdivant said of the defensive newcomers.

"It's been a little bit of a challenge. but I feel very confident about it."

Besides trying to get new players acclimated, the Longhorns' defense has had to go against that up-tempo offense in the preseason. Defending the offense's pace is something that's taken some adjustment, even from the returning starters.
Lone Grove is hoping the change of pace makes it harder on its opponents this season.

"It'll be hard because you don't know what's coming," Harris said. "You've got to hurry up and think fast, because we run play after play after play."

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