Ardmore City Schools staff is fired up and ready to fight for its school.

Monday, the district had its second annual staff convocation with Jon Myers, Noble Public Schools director of curriculum and professional development, as the keynote speaker.

With the theme songs from "Rocky" and "The Karate Kid" playing in the background, Myers shared his enthusiasm for public schools, reminding them that "You're the best around, and nothing is going to keep you down."

"He gave me the encouragement that I needed," said Lora Brooks, Ardmore High School drama teacher, who added that she plans to use "You're the Best Around" from "The Karate Kid" as a theme song this year.

Myers had a multimedia interactive presentation that captivated the teachers and staff.

"It was totally awesome," said Armando Olivarez, Take Two custodian. "The speaker was great in everything he was saying and doing."

Myers has 22 years of experience in the trenches of teaching and shared many kernels of wisdom.

"Kids are like popcorn — some pop early and some pop late," Myers said.

He also involved the audience. Teacher of the Year Patty Lee and new high school chemistry teacher Alex Stroukoff showed they were ready to ride into the school year by dancing with Myers to the "Bonanza" theme song.

"It was good because of all the positivity and spirit," said Robye Cook, child nutrition administrative assistant. "The speaker talked about 'riding the bus,' and Patty Lee and Alex Stroukoff were inspiring with their dancing."

Ardmore City Schools will begin its new year Wednesday, enthusiastic and inspired by the convocation.

"It was off the chain. People were motivated and geared up," said Debra K. Johnson, AHS front office secretary.