Mannsville School superintendent Karen Woolly has decided to resign her position.

"I have chosen to spend time at home with my family," Woolly said Tuesday. "This is a personal decision. I've put a lot of hours in, and my family has suffered."

Woolly was named superintendent in May after Robin Hatton as not re-employed.

The school board accepted Woolly's resignation during a special meeting Monday.

Prior to becoming superintendent, Woolly taught second-grade or a combined first- and second-grade classroom at Mannsville for 10 years. She said she may return to the classroom in the future.

"I would rather be with kids. This is a big job," she said.

The board has been impressed with Woolly's tenure, in spite of its shortness.

"She was a little overwhelmed, but I wouldn't hesitate to hire her back. At least she was gracious enough to know she couldn't handle it," said board president Roy Justice. "We feel like she had a good plan for the district, and we're going to stick with it."

The school board will meet Tuesday to assign an interim superintendent. Barlow Education Management Services, with which the board approved an annual contract in May, is helping the district find an interim superintendent and begin its search.