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By Kristi Cox
Sometimes, living in a hometown your whole life can become routine and boring. Luckily, my imagination can turn any street, block, or event into a journey into another world. So join me on an adventure in my hometown.
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By Kristi Cox
Aug. 26, 2013 9:15 a.m.

I received a call yesterday from my neighbor that there was s stream running past her house, apparently originating from my house. I had called the city to report a small puddle that could not be sourced. In a matter of minutes, it had turned into a small rapid.
Birds were very happy.
I awoke this morning to the City of Ardmore crew beginning to start work. I stopped briefly to talk with the man on the crew, Randy. He let me know a bit of what was going on and off I went. Shortly thereafter, my mother called me. OG and E had contacted her because I was not at home and had no number they could reach. This is one of the good things about living in a small town, seeing people go above and beyond. Within minutes, I was talking with Randy (OG and E Randy) who let me know there was a cable that had gone down and the guys were being shocked.
I needed to call an electrician.
I called one first and while waiting for call back (which was brief but given my panic level, I immediately called another).
Quality Electric arrived.
These guys patiently explained what was going on and what needed to be fixed, they even helped get a branch off a wire that I could not reach. We had a neutral wire that was down.
Apparently this is really bad.
The thing I noticed today was the patience and professionalism I experienced with every single person I encountered related to this day of water and electric chaos.
So back to being shocked. Charles, Randy and Garrett work for the City of Ardmore and folks, their jobs are both dangerous and hard. They were being shocked, literally. Because of a freak thing we had not noticed and that could have been eventually really bad for us.
But the interesting part about all of this was watching all these people work together, basically to make sure I was safe, they were safe, and that our problem got fixed. The Quality Electric guys tested and retested the pipe to make sure the City of Ardmore guys would be ok, and all this was coordinated back to OG and E. When it was all clear, the guys had Garrett climb down into the slightly four foot deep huge hole they dug in one morning , and for a moment I realized how dangerous their job is.
Because had a wire not been grounded against the water pipe the shock could have been lethal.
Apparently wiring in 1950 was a little different than today.
And maybe the average day at work could have been much more dangerous.
Strange the average events we overlook. I see city workers all the time, I slow down. I watch other people who race past the cones, ignore the signs, dash past a truck, never thinking a kids father might be working, might lean back to avoid a shock, and be run over by a driver overly entitled. I watched them teach Garrett how to put this clamp on, how to plug the whole, in essence, how to restore water to my house.
Which was very important to me…suddenly their job and role affected my life completely.
Garrett is in the National Guard. Randy and Charles are his supervisors. Watching their interactions and seeing the process of someone learning was very cool, but more importantly, I saw where hope for our world really comes from.
Moments in the everyday, where people in each moment take pride in what they do, and show care in how they do it.
I found all of the folks I worked with today to be patient with my questions, and trust me, I asked a lot. Found them to be interesting to talk with. Professional and thorough. From OG and E Randy, to Quality Electric (I did not get a card but these two men were very sweet and knowledgeable) and to the city of Ardmore guys Randy, Charles, and Garrett; in a world where we spend a lot of time complaining, I wanted to take a moment and simply say thank you for what y do, for how you do it, and for the quality of people I encountered all the way around today.
And to all the businesses these people work for…you should be proud these people represent you.
Adventures in the maintenance of life….in our hometown.
Oh…one more adventure…an Emu is on the loose, in our hometown.

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