Although they are too young to vote for him, Oak Hall Episcopal School students have deemed Rep. Tom Cole to be "cool."

The Republican Congressman from Moore visited the school Monday while in the area for a town hall meeting Monday night. After a tour of the building, he took questions from fifth- through eighth-graders. Cole also gave the school a United States flag that flew over the Capitol on Aug. 1.

"It's cool he took time out of his day to come talk to us," said sixth-grader Claire Panova.

Before the Congressman's visit, teachers briefed the students on some of the education-related issues on which Congress works, and encouraged students to develop their own questions to ask.

"I learned more than I thought I would," said sixth-grader Parker Garrett. "I thought it would be more about education, but I learned where he lived and that the job is harder than I thought it would be."

Questions covered living in Washington, traveling for work, inspirations for running and whether he likes his job.

General consensus was that being a Congressman is a lot more difficult than the students had imagined.

"He has to stay up a lot longer, and it seems stressful with all that traveling," said eighth-grader Barrett Littlefield.

Cole explained that he has traveled to all continents except Antarctica for his job.

While it would be cool to visit other places, some students had reservations about the amount of traveling.

"I couldn't be on a lot of airplanes for a long time," said sixth-grader Tristan Rinehart.

However, they also noticed some perks to the job.

"It's interesting how he gets to travel beyond Washington and Oklahoma, and got to meet the president," said sixth-grader Jentry Lemons. "Not a lot of people get the opportunity to meet a president. To meet the president is an honor."