College students are heading back to campus, hopefully with their bank accounts replenished with summer job money and possibly student loan funds. Will it be enough to last all year? There are ways to improve the odds.

“College students face a lot of expenditures on campus, not only for books, meals, and rent, but also probably for a pizza or two,” said Daryl J. Hill, CAE, executive director for the Oklahoma Society of Certified Public Accountants. “Careful planning can increase the likelihood that students won’t run out of money by spring break and have to rely on more loans to help bridge the gap to the end of the semester.”

Here is a to banish the budget blues:

Keep track. Track expenses for a few months. Where do adjustments need to be made? Are there overages affecting the budget? Make corrections immediately. Don’t let a small deficit this month become a huge deficit over the course of the year.

Get a reward. The best way to resent a budget is to never have any flexibility in it at all. Set aside a small amount each month for a special treat.

Don’t quit. Some months may be easier to navigate than others, but don’t give up. Keep the long-term goal in sight.