The City of Ringling has approved the 30 percent ticket fund to help purchase new equipment and eventually hire another full-time officer.

Mayor Chancey Greer said last week that the approval was pending a CPA's review of the potential fund and if it was possible to acquire the money immediately, rather than at the end of a fiscal year. During the Aug. 19 meeting, the CPA told council members this was possible and the fund was approved.

The fund will consist of 30 percent of all money made from writing tickets by the police department. Chief Scott Lang said Ringling has gone from only a couple of tickets per month to 20 or more since he began as chief two months ago. The amount of money made from tickets written would be around $4,000 per month, leaving approximately $2,800 for the city — still more money than was made from the full amount made from tickets written before Lang's appointment.