Dr. Bob Neel has been named interim superintendent for Mannsville Schools, after a 2-0 vote Tuesday by the board of education.

"I think I'll enjoy it. I like meeting people, and I started out in a small school, worked in small schools and enjoy small schools," Neel said.

Neel was hired as part of an agreement with Barlow Services. The company assists with school administration needs, such as providing qualified interim personnel and aiding in the search for a new person. The agreement will cost the district $6,300 per month, and last until a new superintendent is found.

The search is expected to take one to two months.

"We've got to get things turned around," said board president Roy Justice. "We hope to get things straightened out and get some continuity here."

Current superintendent Karen Woolly will serve through the end of the week. Woolly was assigned the position in May, and her resignation was accepted by the board on Aug. 19.

Neel has been in school administration for 27 years. After retiring, he worked with the State Department of Education. Then, he began working with Barlow and serving as an interim administrator.

Neel has most recently worked in Macomb and Bridge Creek.

Justice said that at the recent Oklahoma State School Board Association conference, he asked around about Neel and "nobody said anything negative."