Here’s a look at a recent survey conducted with 1,000 “likely” U.S. voters that showed voters favor choices for prayer, uniforms and calendars in schools.

The survey revealed 77 percent now believe a parent should have a choice between sending their children to a school that allows prayer and a school that does not, but 16 percent disagree.

In May of last year, 58 percent of Americans supported prayer in public schools, but that was down from 65 percent in February 2011.

Sixty-seven percent believe parents should have the choice between sending their kids to a school that operates on a traditional school calendar and one that has classes 12 months a year, but 19 percent do not think parents should be able to choose between schools with different schedules and 14 percent are not sure.

Also 60 percent think parents should have a choice between schools that require uniforms and those that do not, but 22 percent oppose school choice based on uniforms and 18%= percent are not sure.

Findings for all three questions show little change from results in surveys over the past year.