People planning to bring manufactured, modular and trailer homes into Wilson might receive a bit of a break after discussions during Thursday night's city council meeting.

After discussing the logistics of the current regulations, council members approved tentative new requirements to allow trailer homes and manufactured homes into the city.

Currently, if a property owner wanted to move a trailer or manufactured home in, they would have to receive approval from all adjoining property owners and property owners within 300 feet, or one block. Mayor Frank Schaaf proposed that be lowered to 85 percent of property owners, making the process easier.

Schaaf also suggested lowering the permit fees. Currently, fees are $1,100 for used trailer or modular homes and $500 for new ones. Schaaf recommended they lower the fees to $750 for used and $0 for new homes.

Councilors ultimately decided to lower the used fee even further to $625. However, all used trailers moved in can be no older than five years old. Also, should a property owner want to replace a trailer or modular home, they can do so without any fees or restrictions, so long as they replace the home on the exact spot of the previous one.

Councilors agreed that this is a good way to weed out older, less desirable modular and mobile homes that have found their way into the city, and it makes it easier to bring in homes.

"These people will be paying good money to bring these homes in, so they'll take care of them," Schaaf said.

Though not officially on the books yet, Schaaf said he will write up the new regulations and present them to the council next month.

Pool repair

During the Public Works meeting, councilors approved a $49,900 bid from Guardian Pool Services out of Lewisville, Texas to repair and replace necessary parts to the Wilson Public Pool.

The project will include the majority of the pool's workings underneath the pool, including valves, filters, lights and electrical. It will also include a handicap-accessible chair into the pool. However, it will not include the tearing up and replacing of the concrete around the pool, the sandblasting of the pool or repairs needed to the bathhouses.

To fund this project, councilors voted unanimously to forgo a $50,000 loan from American National Bank, at just over three percent interest, to pulling the needed money from the general fund CD, essentially loaning money from the city of Wilson, to itself.

The project is a budgeted item and regular payments between $2,800 and $2,900 will be paid back into the CD until the money is fully refunded.

Other items on the city's agenda were as follows:

- Councilors voted 4-0 to pursue other bids for the property, auto, inland marine and liability insurance for the city of Wilson and Wilson Public Works Authority.

- A vote of 4-0 approved the eventual auction of city surplus items, including bricks, metal, glass blocks, a Dodge pickup, pickup bed cover and an older fire truck with no title. Councilors agreed it seemed the best option to leave the fire truck on the auction as is. Schaaf predicted the auction would be in October, during Fall Fest.

- Councilors approved 4-0 the purchase of three flag poles — one 35-foot and two 30-foot poles — for city hall.

- Officer Brandon Dingman was unanimously approved to be a full-time officer after serving the appropriate probationary term in the city's department.

- Schaaf was given approval by the council to hire a code enforcement officer at his discretion to later be approved by the council. The process will be similar to that of hiring a police officer, putting them on a probationary period until council members have the opportunity to approve the official hiring of the individual.

n The Wilson Historical Society was given unanimous permission to put the city flag logo on bumper stickers and post cards for sale at the museum.

n The city will also purchase city of Wilson flags, banners and banner poles for the Wilson Historical Society, to later be paid back.